Protective Umbrella Blueprint

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Intellectual property rights (IPR) represent the legal protection of the owner’s rights and security for the embodiment of human ingenuity. However, the enforcement of such protection is subject to various difficulties in our daily life. Therefore, Ruten has developed a program called the Protective Umbrella Blueprint (PUB), under which Ruten will act as a protective umbrella for every right owner thereunder.


  1. The proactive reporting based on third party Ruten users’ good faith will allow a faster and more efficient handling process (Ruten users can simply click on a “reporting” icon once they become aware of suspicious items which might infringe IPR, and the report regarding the alleged item will be forwarded to the right owner for verification. Once the right owner sends its confirmation of infringement to PUB by e-mail, the infringing items will be removed from the Ruten website within 24 hours).
  2. Right owners may also report an infringement by forwarding the item to Ruten for removal.
  3. Right owners may publish a hyperlink shown on Ruten webpages, which links to right owner’s corporate website for an IPR protection and anti-piracy demonstration.
  4. In order to foster IPR protection on the internet, Ruten will, from time to time, host seminars involving related parties, professionals and companies registered with PUB.


Applying for Ruten PUB registration is straightforward. The right owner can fill in the Ruten PUB-1 Form, attach the required certifications and fax the application to +886-2-27026296 (Attention: Ruten PUB).
After registration, the right owner can at any time use the Ruten PUB-2 Form to report infringements.
The forms are provided in PDF format which requires Adobe Reader for opening and printing. Please click to download Adobe Reader free of charge.

Required Certifications:

  1. Corporate right owners: Certification of Incorporation and proof of the ownership of IPR (e.g., trademark certification)
  2. Individual right owners: Identification and proof of the ownership of IPR (e.g. a court judgment confirming ownership of certain products or images/content)

Reporting process:

  1. Right owners are required to report infringements via the Ruten PUB process for removal
  2. Non-Right-Owner Users may forward suspicious items to right owners for the latter to begin the Ruten PUB process

Ruten Reminders:Sellers of removed items are advised to communicate with the right owners and ensure the clearance of a non-infringement check before re-posting the item. Repeated violations will result in the suspension of the violator’s Ruten account.

Ruten Handling Process:After receipt of either a right owner’s report via the Ruten PUB process or a government agency letter, Ruten personnel will immediately remove the reported item and send a warning e-mail to the user. Repeated violations will resulting the suspension of the violator’s Ruten account.

Actions Common Violation Serious Violation
Removal of infringing item
Removal of entire web store    
Account Suspension  

Please check the website of the Intellectual Property Office for details regarding patents, trademarks and copyrights.